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Alrighty hello I'm still alive and kicking. You better watch out if we're playing soccer, I mean it. Well I haven't forgot about this I swear but its just ahhh school, we have exams next week which is just LOVELY might I tell you.

The holidays were super fun and I GOT A DIGITAL CAMERA! Its so awesome I was taking nonstop pictures when I first got it so once I figure out how to hook it up to the computer and how to put them on here I so will. Oh and before I forgot I'm going to post up my poem about sleep that I wrote in like September for an English journal. Holly had this abstract paper-y thing to write and then it reminded me of this so without further interruptions, my poem!

The Woes of an Insomniac Who Isn't Actually an Insomniac but is Really Tired Anyways

Being tired is no fun. It's quite similar to being stunned.

They say counting sheep helps you sleep, but when I begin to count they end up in a heap.

Wherever I look I seem to see pillows. I begin to daydream and Hey! Look there's 5 billion minnows!

Sometimes when I'm tired I seem to doze off. But the reverie is broken when my teacher gives an annoyed cough.

Is it my fault really? My attention wavers. And suddenly I'm thinking about ice cream flavors.

I think I'll stop staring at the floor because I'm about to snore.

Yes, I know ok I don't remember what I was thinking when I wrote it. So just stop mocking me! Anyways I have been working on the next chapter for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and I feel so bad I'm not even kidding. Oh and yeah I also signed up for this thingy for a L/J story and that deadline is the 31st and I errr haven't exactly started yet. But I have ideas I swear and I need it BETA read before too so heh anyone a good BETA or know one?

Well that's all for now oh and TWINKLE! Ah man, I love that. It never gets old.
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