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Whooo Livejournal!

Yay! I got a livejournal! Once I finish the next chapter of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough the reviewer responses will so be here!

Sorry a lot of exclamation marks hehe. Well...uh...I'm kind of zoning right now, so tired, sorry lol. But oh yeah I remembered, yay! Just in case no one cared enough to read the whole bio thing, I'm Prongsie4028 from so yeah and um.

I can't think of anything else right now! AH! Oh oh wait! This is completely pointless and won't matter to you at all in the slightest but I have a story!

So today at school I was going to duh...anyways at one point while walking along a railing I hit my hand on it and the ring I was wearing (its metalish and from mexico, my friend brought it back for me from going there for vacaction) cut down into my finger.

So I had a like pockety type thing cut on my finger and it was bleeding and I was like OW! THAT HURT! But I must tell you of the outrage! So I was going to Health class and I come in and blah blah so then we're taking a quiz. And I can't write normally becuase if I did my pencil would rub against my cut and it was burning. So then I was like AH! I give up I'll ask for a band-aid.

Cue the standing and walking. I get to the teacher and I'm like "Do you have a band-aid?" and my stupid teacher who I really don't like and not just becuase she denied me a band-aid is like "No. They have them in the office though." Really have you ever heard of a Health class as in being safe and prepared type class not have a band-aid it's an outrage I tell you.


Ok anyways I probably should start my homework and let you recover from the like 5 minutes of your life you wasted reading my pointless story of my finger injury.
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