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Oh oh what was that? That was LATIN! Sorry salvete means hello in Latin. Just did my Latin homework so I was in a Latin mood. And I keep laughing at anything for no apparent reason I get like this where I talk really fast and no one understands me and then I just keep laughing anyways.

So yes I left a comment that I would put pictures of Fall Out Boy on here from when I saw them at Warped Tour and that's what I'm trying to do. Having some issues but hopefully it'll work. Ugh, it's not working. It won't let me paste in here.

This is sad. Now I feel bad becuase I can't put them up when I said I would. Damn my noncomputer savvyness. Ok sorry to anyone that actually really wanted to see those pictures, but if you know how I can get them up then let me know and I will otherwises I'm super sorry.

I was trying to get them up on my deviantart account too but that wasn't working either. And since now I mentioned that and I feel stupid about the Fall Out Boy thing I'll give the website thing if anyone wants to see the picture of the Marauders that I drew...which is extremely odd but OH WELL! Thats the thing to the picture of the Marauders.

Alright that's all for now oh wait I forgot to mention that I'm really really nervous. Why? You ask, becasue on Tuesday I'm using temporary hair dye. I'm not doing the whole thing, I'm putting half up and half down and I'm dying the bottom part purple. It's a really pretty purple, I like it but I'm really nervous. It's only temporary but I'm scared it won't wash out. Oh well I'll just have to see how it works out and now I'm done... really.

Ta ta!
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