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Haven't updated in a while

Alrighty so I've been commenting a lot but haven't updated so I'm you know updating now. I feel SO SO SO SO SO SO like undescribly SO bad for not updating in like 50 billion years.

But school is evil and has taken up massive amounts of my time obviously, plus drama club which is fun since I'm working with costumes and stuff but the play's at the end of the month so things get kind of hectic.

Am sleep deprived. Very sleep deprived the past two weekends have been like family action-y packed. Last weekend it was a party up north at my cabin with my family, including the drunken convicted uncle.

That was bundles of fun let me tell you...they were cutting down trees and stuff and we're like uhhh is this safe?

And my druken convicted uncle mind you is now in posession of a chain saw is like "Yeah! Of course! But you know just for no particular reason come out of the cabin and stand like 500 feet that way!" Psh, safe? I think not.

And then my mom and my aunt and I were wearing these really funny like masks like surgeons wear becuase there was like dust and mold everywhere so we looked completely retarded and AH!

When my aunt and I were in the back bedroom cleaning out the drawers she lifted up this box and a HUGE GIGANTIC spider was under it and we both screamed hysterically and ran down the hall and out the door and were hypervenilating outside.

Oh and I broke a stair...heh...they were all old and decaying and I was walking down it with a box loaded with really heavy like plates and stuff and as I'm walking the stair just snaps and I fall like directly down, not like the stairs are that high but not fun.

So yeah busy last weekend then this weekend had a brunch thing with family and nergh...basically I've been really busy.

Just about 5 minutes ago my dad was carrying this huge duffel bag thing and I was walking behind him and he turned and like knocked me over into this pile of clothes so I had to pick those up. And that had no point by the way just felt like saying that.

Oh! And I have spacers in, nothing good ever follows spacers. This sucks I've already had like braces and head gear and retainers and expanders and all that for 2 1/2 years now I need them again since just ugh I got teeth pulled and its just NOT FAIR I TELL YOU!

Alright I've got to back away from the computer since I'm like typing a novel here and study for the testing that goes 1-4 period tomorrow then a test in the afternoon for English since you know we can't miss that even though we've missed like every other class but nooooo ok yeah really stoppping now.
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